Finally there is an easy-to-use system built specifically for creating, editing and managing recipes with all of the feature-rich functionality that creative professionals crave.

Built-in Versioning

Flavor Studio let's you look backward and forward at the entire development history of a recipe.

Recipe Costing

With real-time costing you can view individual ingredient costs, total batch cost, and estimated retail pricing.


Assemble component recipes into a main recipe and Flavor Studio will distribute accurate costing and nutrient composition

Ingredient groups

Use this feature to combine and track a variety of similar ingredients (e.g., spices) into a single row in a recipe

Formulation method

Flavor Studio lets users choose to formulate by either: Percentage, Quantity, or Baker's Percentage.

Fully customizeable

Select the units of measurements (metric, standard, volume), set the number of decimal places (1, 2, 3), and many other options.

Scale a recipe

Dial in a desired batch size and Flavor Studio will effortlessly update the ingredient quantities.


Flavor Studio simplifies the creation of NLEA panels with our innovative system that allows users to formulate and easily create nutritional labels on one streamlined platform.

Empower all users

All Flavor Studio users receive access to these nutrition features - not limited to only a single shared computer

Layout formats

Flavor Studio exports nutritional labels to: Vertical, Horizontal, Simplified, and Side-by-Side options

Artwork exports

Choose between low resolution PNG files for internal review and high resolution PDF files for packaging designers

Accuracy ensured

Nutritional labels generated by Flavor Studio comply with all rounding rules established by the FDA guidelines

Translation included

Bilingual Canadian labels are a breeze with real-time ingredient translation from English to French

Automatic statements

Ingredient declarations and allergen statements are automatically generated to save users time but also easily modified.


Organize all aspects of a project's life cycle and foster collaboration with a company's most important resources - it's people.

Create teams

Assemble groups of people that will work together towards driving a project to successful completion.

Monitor activities

Task management provides clear visibility into a project's progress and helps to identify any roadblocks.


Never miss an important upcoming deadline with courteous emails sent before tasks are due.

File storage

Secure cloud based repository centralizes file storage for easy access of all project related documents.

Message board

Keep team member communication concisely organized in a single location and keep abreast of status updates


Arrive at your creative inspiration faster with Senspire's proprietary flavor predicting algorithm that reveals complementary relationships between food ingredients.

Unsurpassed breadth

Trust results based upon the world's largest recipe database with over 1.1 million recipes.

Study underlying components

Flavor Studio is compiling a comprehensive database of aroma and flavor compounds found in common foods.

NEW visual representation

Test drive the beta graphical interface to explore food ingredient relationships in three-dimensional space.

Comprehensive ingredients

Search the complete list of food ingredients with everything from abalone to zucchini.


Flavor Studio includes the framework to build convenient online surveys for companies to collective objective data and/or metrics to guide the product development process.

Visual Cues

Load images with each question allows you to expand beyond testing just a food or beverage item and also include potential packaging concepts.

Targeted Surveys

Assemble a customized questionnaire that can harvest the knowledge you hope to learn.

Variety of formats

Question types include: Liking, JAR (Just About Right), Multiple Choice, Select All that Apply, Paired Preference, and many more.

Simple charts

Real-time results are easy to interpret infographics.

Export results

Download the raw data file to import into mathematical programs and run statistics or create different charts.

Drive participation

Automatically generate QR code provides a unique link for the online survey that can be shared via receipts, websites, email, etc.