Our Story

Senspire emerged from a simple question - can math unravel the culinary mysteries of Nature?

Or to use a tangible example: why does the combination of tomato and basil result in such enjoyable flavor? Or, what is so inherently distinctive about peanut butter that attracts it to jelly? Perhaps other food pairings come to mind that are also fundamentally accepted without ever really being understood. That is the knowledge we strive to acquire and share with others.

It began with the premise that we are surrounded by patterns. Some of them are physically visible while others are revealed only in the context of large collections of information. To accomplish this complex undertaking required knowledge and expertise across an array of scientific disciplines including advanced mathematics, organic chemistry, physiology, and lots and lots of computer programming.

The outcome of this research project is a proprietary algorithm that permits artistic minds to effortlessly acquire their inspiration - a kind of 21st century muse. The software stimulates creative thinking without attempting to replace it. It's a tool that has never existed before and we've appropriately named it Inspire.

The most promising aspect about Inspire is that it can be universally applied across a number of artistic professions. Flavor, perfume, music and color are just a few of businesses that Senspire plans to support.

Gregory Willis - Founder & President

Gregory Willis -
Founder & President

Gregory began a career in computer science before shifting course to pursue a passion for cooking. He became a fine-dining chef in the San Francisco Bay Area more

Devon Reed - Sr. Web & Database Guru

Devon Reed -
Sr. Web & Database Guru

Devon oversees the architecture and development of Senspire's ever expanding software suite. He is a rare gem in the land of software engineers who balances more

Wesley Boyer - Technology Designer

Wesley Boyer -
Technology Designer

Wesley is the co-creator of the patent pending Inspire algorithm. He has the ability to take a complex mathematical problem and refine it into efficient code. more